Ms. Lung

Ms. Lung has 20 years of early childhood education experience with a wonderful reputation in the Bay Area. Her students not only excel in language and math, but also understand etiquette, politeness, and are model children.

Ms. Fang

Ms. Fang majored in cello from Sichuan University. Ms. Fang has been involved in the field of education for nearly ten years. She has been working on her Early Childhood Education credential at Foothill College. Ms. Fang enjoys working with the preschoolers and loves her job at LACS Children's Center.

Ms. Liang

Ms. Liang has experience at a number of preschools in the Bay Area and holds an Early Childhood Education certificate. Along with her teaching experience, she also very detail-oriented in the care of the children.

Ms. Chen

Mrs Chen started as a Montessori preschool teacher in Canada. Later she moved to Bay Area and has been involved in childhood education at bilingual preschools and afterschools for 10 years. She enjoys telling stories and singing songs with kids. She believes no two children are the same. It is our job to encourage and guide them to discover their unique potential.

Ms. Lin

Ms. Lin was a speech therapist in Taiwan for 8 years, focusing on language development for children ages 0-6. She also received the honor of being selected as a model teacher while in Taiwan. She continues her focus on language development and brings her years of experience to our school.

Ms. Lo

Prior to joining LACS Children’s Center, Ms. Lo taught art to K-2nd grade students at an afterschool program for three years. It was from her experience there that she became interested in working with children. Along with her role as a Floater Teacher’s Assistant, Ms. Lo is in charge of handling the Center’s finances and bookkeeping. She is currently working on an Early Childhood Education credential.

Ms. Lee

Ms. Lee has worked in education for over 20 years, spanning multiple grade levels, subjects, and roles. She's taught preschoolers at a bilingual school, ESL to university students, and as an educator at an art museum. Ms. Lee also had the privilege of developing and implementing an art program for K-9th grade students while teaching in Taiwan. It was her time overseas that solidified her interest in second language acquisition. Ms. Lee strongly believes in the importance of active, open-ended, and creative play in the intellectual, social, and emotional development of young children.